McInerney on “Animal Husbandry”

A small sample:

The difficulty, as always in cultural breakthroughs, lies in the myths and obfuscations of the past. The taboo against cross-species romance is deeply ingrained, but this is merely the result of social conditioning. The remedy is counter-conditioning.

Read the rest. Fortunately for us here, you can’t comment there.


4 Responses

  1. Ah, yes, the last of the taboos.

    I like McInerney, as he occasionally hits the mark set by G.K. Chesterton. I particularly like what he has done here. “Can you say reductio ad absurdum, children? I knew you could.”

    But as for me, I remember, and ascribe, to the tenets of the bumpersticker that I saw flashed briefly in the science fiction motion picture, Independence Day:

    I don’t date outside my species.


  2. “Ellen and her beloved provide venereal pleasure to one another by any means they choose. What else is marriage?”


    Where is the bottomline to be drawn? So human antagonism towards polygamy, incest, and pre-teen marriage is also superstitution?

  3. It’s a parody, Peter. It’s making just the point you’ve made.


  4. For the record, the Orthodox Church still frowns on… errr… “mixed” marriages.


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