Logical symbols Я us…

Some time ago I added the following logical operations and symbols into my word processing program. Maybe you would like to have the table for reference and maybe you’d like to add these macros for your own computer. If you have trouble finding the symbols to add to your computer in the first place (since you can’t copy them off a .jpeg), I can send you a document containing the table in text format. (I’ll even include a macro for the spooky backwards R, gratis! Is “ЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯЯ” what dyslexic pirates say?)

If you want to write these symbols online, you could try using the HTML, but I find that awfully messy. In fact, when I noticed the existential quantifier, , Dr. Liccione used in his recent post about the Shroud of Turin was a .gif copied from some other site, I decided to offer these macros as a way to obviate that kind of hassle. It’s best to type what you want in Word or some similar program and then copy it into your browser to post online.

Macros for some common logical symbols

Macros for some common logical symbols


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