Change in design

The design theme of this blog has been changed to make it, and especially the comments, easier to read. This will be the last change for a while.


4 Responses

  1. Don’t even let me go into Cardinal [Bernard F.] Law and that he has been rewarded with a princely title in Rome,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Kennedy, referring to the former archbishop of Boston, who resigned over the sex abuse scandal and now oversees a prominent basilica in Rome. “It is just appalling. I cannot deal with that, so I don’t.”

    The pot calling the kettle black. Glass houses. Splinter and log….all of that.

  2. Might I ask the screen width be narrowed? It seems like 700 pixels wide. I have to pretty much maximize my browser to see it all, which, while not a grave matter, is annoying and may detract from the Philper experience. Or maybe it’s just my computer. And maybe the right column is not that important to see on a regular basis. … Okay. I’ll crawl back in my holding pen now.

    Chairs, an’ tanks!

  3. Eiliot:

    You could always increase the screen resolution a notch with your Windows video settings. Mine is 1152 X 864, which works fine for me.


  4. Hmm, I’ll see what happens on my Mac. (Let the truth be known: I am an Apple dude.) Thanks!

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