9/11: In Memoriam

The best I could think to do on this anniversary is offer this podcast by The Anchoress. It is drawn chiefly from the Liturgy of the Hours’ Office for the Dead.

Pray well. And remember.

[This entry is cross-posted at Sacramentum Vitae.]

4 Responses

  1. Dear Mike,
    Glad to see you’ve resurfaced. Please use this other e-mail address, as i am dropping the old one soon, to save money.
    Joe Hester (f’mly S.J.) told me to say hello to you next time I heard from you. He is now working for the state court system after leaving the AG’s office.

  2. […] Philosophia Perennis has a great photo and a memoriam […]

  3. doesn’t this web site has other languages support??

  4. great work mike

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