Edward Feser: Catholic, philosopher, conservative

I’ve recently stumbled across the website of Ed Feser, who has been commenting for years over at Maverick Philosopher. He’s just published a book, blurbed by J. Budziszewski and Francis Beckwith, refuting the “New Atheism”:

By all means get it; unlike most academic books, it isn’t even that expensive.

His most recent blog entry is on Pre-Socratic natural theology.


3 Responses

  1. I like him a lot — you might remember he was a member the now-defunct philosopher group-blog Right Reason

  2. Thanks for this. I am eager to read it. The New Atheism is a serious threat, I believe, and not one we should at all dismiss.

  3. A serious threat? How? Surely not intellectually. The only new thing about the ‘new atheism’ is that its proponents couldn’t pass an undergraduate course in the philosophy of religion even if it were taught by atheists — not at all true of the last generation’s empiricist atheists (Mackie, Flew, etc.) or 19th and 20th century atheists from continental Europe (Feuerbach, Nietzsche, Sartre, etc.). If the ‘new’ atheism is a threat at all, it’s merely a cultural one. If anything, it may be a blessing, since the only views against which the ‘new’ atheists’ arguments will cut any ice are silly fundamentalist views. If Richard Dawkins actually compels some fundamentalists to learn something about the tradition, then I can’t complain.

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