This is a group blog whose authors are both philosophers and Catholics. They, and you dear reader, may freely debate which of the two actually comes first or what else, if anything, should come into it. In the meantime, here we are:

Elliot Bougis (it is, in fact, pronounced “bogus”) has a BA in German with a minor in philosophy, but a PhD in the latter is on his agenda. He has worked as an ESL teacher in Taiwan for five years now and, during that time, co-authored a history of Providence University in Shalu and started a Catholic review, inFORM. His personal interests range from eating peanut butter to washing dishes to drinking beer to creative writing. His academic interests center on the history and philosophy of science, medieval philosophy, and cognitive science. He likes words in large groups but fears numbers when they band together and demand answers. Pray for him.

Philip Blosser is Professor of Philosophy at the College of Liberal Arts, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI. He earned his PhD in philosophy at Duquesne University and has published widely in his discipline. You can find the rest of his bio at his old homepage. His personal blog is Musings of a Pertinacious Papist. He is said to be a matchless beer connoisseur; he is certainly a liturgical purist.

Scott Carson is an associate professor of philosophy at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and a convert to Roman Catholicism from Anglicanism. He earned his PhD in philosophy from Duke University and a PhD in classics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His research interests include the history and philosophy of science, ancient Greek philosophy, medieval philosophy, cognitive science, and his Hot Wheels collection. He continues to whine about contemporary culture and the morbidly fascinating elements of our debauched society at his old blog, An Examined Life.

Apolonio Latar III has a B.A. in philosophy from Rutgers University and finds himself to be part of the Catholic ecclesial movement Communion and Liberation. He currently lives in Maryland.

Michael Liccione earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania and his BA in philosophy and religion from Columbia University. He has taught in a number of Catholic institutions, including the Catholic University of America, the University of St. Thomas (Houston), and a seminary that had declined to admit him as a student. He looks forward to teaching again in a reasonably tolerant Catholic institution that is, all the same, an actually Catholic institution. Currently living in Syracuse, NY, he can be reached at mliccione@gmail.com.

Thomas Pink is Reader in Philosophy at King’s College, London. He earned his PhD at Cambridge University and is an active Catholic. See his departmental home page for a fuller bio. He was invited to join this blog for the obvious reasons and one not-so-obvious reason: from this side of The Pond, he seems to have all the right enemies within as well as without the Church.

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