What’s your punt, exactly?


Great, but not funny… funny, and may be great…

The Mystery of Unfunny Great Actors


Free to be determined…

“It is a repressive, medieval myth that homosexuality is a perversion of human nature. There is no such thing as an ‘essential human nature’. Homosexuals ought to be able to marry each other; to demand otherwise is a violation of their basic human rights. Homosexuality is as essential a part of human nature as heterosexuality is. Homosexuals are free to do whatever they like, sexually, since they are genetically determined to be gay. They are just trying to be who they are by nature.”

I love laughing when I read…

“In Part III, we begin the study of philosophy itself from the perspective of cognitive science. We apply these analytical methods to important moments in the history of philosophy: Greek metaphysics, including the pre-Socratics, Plato, and Aristotle [ca. 600-300 BC]; [_________________________; ] Descartes’s theory of mind and Enlightenment faculty psychology [ca. 1500-1800 AD]; Kant’s moral theory; and analytical philosophy. These methods, we argue, lead to new and deep insights into these great intellectual edifices.

Philosophy in the Flesh, George Lakoff & Mark Johnson (New York: Basic Books, 1999), p. 8.

Been a long time since…

…blog and roll.

(All right, for that, you can punch me if you meet me and are a Zeppelin fan, the latter being a sufficient condition, the former being a necessary one. … Yes, I just punched myself.)

Except for the two posts I just added, I haven’t done anything on this blog for a few months. (Not that anyone here is necessarily complaining about that.) But now that I’m settled back in Taiwan with wireless internet and some down time, I think I might as well contribute a little sum’n-sum’n.

While posting the two previous entries, I noticed on of this blog categories is “humor”. How funny! Conveniently enough I just wrote a new dialogue on my blog that is… of a  humorous bent. It is between two recurring denizens of my blog, Ernius and Bertus. I figured a little levity might be a shot in the arm some readers here might appreciate. If not, I can only say to the disinterested: Don’t. Click. This. Link! (If you do, though, start from the bottom and work your way up as Ernius and Bertus work their way into your heart. … Just a little rehearsal for the cheesy promotional slogan when they go 30 Rock.)

Even if it lacks actual ‘humor’, I believe E & B’s banter offers a number of suggestive philosophical glimmers in a muted homage to Plato. Be thou the judge.

And Happy Chinese New Year, better buckle up for a wild Year of the Cow! 新牛年快樂!恭禧發財!諸事順利!萬事如意!天主保佑!

You can’t parody this

From The Boston Globe: “Kerry Kennedy talks about her new book, in which she strives to reconcile her Catholic faith with the teachings of the church.”

Read that quote again. Then watch the video.

She even says at one point that certain “words and symbols” of the Church are “anathema” to her. If you know the context in which that word is traditionally used…well, my talents as a parodist can’t begin to match this one.

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Quotation du jour

On CNN, Paul Begala just called Barack Obama “Change Incarnate.” Catholic philosopher Francis Beckwith asks: “What’s next? A Chalcedonian formulation of Obama’s 2 natures?” (Hat tip to Jeff Miller.)

My answer: more likely, a Monophysite formulation.